Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Make Money Online (start blogging)

To start blogging you have to have your own blog. It can be both paid and free. After choose your niche start writing post on your make moneyonline blog. You don’t have to be a professional writer but have to be careful about grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes on your make money online blog.

You should write minimum three posts everyday on your makemoney online blog. Post those three blog posts on your blog at the three different times of the day. It will be easy to read for your readers and ping to search engine crawlers as a live blog. Too many blog posts on a same or different topic in a short period will be not easy for your readers to keep tracking “what’s going on” except a news blog. If you don’t post anything on your blog for a week after posting 10 blog posts in a day on your make money online blog and if you keep continue irregular writing, your make money online blog will count as a dead blog.

A ‘text basedmake money online blog post should have minimum 150 words. Try to describe as much as possible what you are writing about. For the example, the topic is ‘you are going for shopping in a sunny day’. Don’t write like ‘it’s a sunny day and I am going out for shopping’. Write on your make money online blog like ‘what a bright sunny day! I am feeling like to fly in the sky. But except flying, I am gonna have some brand new clothes like this brand new sunny day. Dear friends, I am not gonna keep you waiting in suspense. At the evening I will upload those clothes photos on my next post. Till that time all of my lovely readers be with me with the sunny mood like this day’.

Proper photo with text is more effective than only text based make money online blog. It helps to get more visitors by ‘picture search engine crawlers’ and visual understanding of your blog topic to make money online blog readers. No matter how you widely describe ‘how you enjoying sunbath on the beach of a blue lagoon’, every reader will imagine it by their own imagination or memories. But if you add some photos of that moment, all your make money online blog readers will see and practically feel where and how you enjoy your sunbath.

Every make money online blog post should have a proper conclusion. A three or four sentences conclusion paragraph at the end of your each make money online blog post will keep your readers attention to visit your blog again. Blogging is a very good source of earning money, passive income, fun and very socially communicative. To enjoy blogging start your own make moneyonline blog today.
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