Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Money Online (blogging)

Blogging is really interesting to make money online. If you already choose your niche, it’s time to find a platform to express it. Personally I like to use Blogger blog platform. It’s totally free and Google owned it. Because of this, Google search engine can find your blog easily than others. Blogger interface is very user friendly. You don’t need to know any website design knowledge to use it. Plus, there are lots of free Blogger templates on the internet you can download and use.

You need to have a Gmail (Google e mail service) account to get start your Blogger make money online blog. By one Gmail account you can use all Google services (YouTube and etc). Go to and log in by your Gmail account. Press create a new blog. You will get a pop up like the image below. 
Write your desired blog title for your make money online blog (like mine is Click For Cash Online). But, it can be different than the blog web address. This blog web address is It’s same as the title. If I want I can change the title anytime. Don’t forget to check available web address (before part of ‘……’) for your desired make money online blog.

Below that part is choose Template option for your make money online blog. Choose any template you want from there. You can change them anytime later also. But to start a make money online blog, you have to choose one. Then press the button create blog. your make money online blog has done.

Now it’s time to write the first post on your make money online blog. From my personal blogging experience I know ‘my first blog post’ or ‘here I am’ type of first blog post does not give your make money online blog a good impression first time. Write blog post related with your niche (get your niche here). Keep a consequence serial what you are going to write on your make money online blog. It will be easy for you to write and easy for visitors to read also. It will keep you make money online blog visitors in suspense and they will visit your blog often for your next post.
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