Monday, September 16, 2013

Make Money Online (find your niche)

Make money online is fun. Because, practically you don’t need to work too hard(9-5) like in real life. Just upload few contents and they will start to work themselves for making money online. For the best result to make money online is to find your best niche.

Here are some common facts about finding your best niche to make money online. Usually, we like to copy other successful person. Personally, I have spent many hours finding methods to make money online.  I saw those successful websites (mainly a blog with own domain name) has hundreds of visitors, thousands of daily hit and no doubt lots of money from online. Let’s find out why and how those blogs are getting visitors, daily hit and lots of money everyday.

Basics to make money online from a blog are content (niche), user friendly design and color of your blog. When I visited all those successful blogs, I saw they have one common. All of them at first choose their own niche and wrote on it. And surprisingly I wondered, how common daily facts and things can be most popular and valuable (in the sense of ‘make money online’) niche to make money online blog.

You don’t have to be super genius to discover your own niche for making money online blog. Just think you have interest on which field of expertise and what you like most. If you can play any musical instrument write about it. If you can cook, write your own recipes. If you can not cook but can eat, write what and where you eat every time. Write, during eating what you see around you, how you see your food, how you feel yourself and etc. You will see this small daily routine can be very interesting to blog visitors and a source of passive income or make money online blog.

So, write anything on a niche regularly instead of finding method to make money online for hours on internet. You have to express and write it in interesting and funny way. Then your blog visitors will remember and visit again to find interesting stuffs on your blog. The secret of a successful make money online blog is NOT how many daily visitors has visited, the secret of a successful make money online blog IS how many old visitors visit the blog again.
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